a few days ago bf told me that a couple years ago when he played counterstrike he would respond to dudes getting angry and aggressive and hostile by saying “a kissaroo from me to you” in a slightly goofy friendly voice sort of like the voice you’d associate with a dog muppet.  he said they would absolutely lose their shit every time, insisting things like “i dont want a kissaroo from you!  only tall blonde girls!”.  they always said kissaroo.  i cant stop thinking about this

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im really feeling this


im really feeling this

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"Some people will never “get you.” Do not spend eternity asking why. People will see you differently, just cherish those who lift your soul."

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Friend: This guy is hot

Me *compares him to zayn* : Nah 

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A neighbor was playing "Anaconda" really loud last night while I was playing Smash Bros 3DS.

You know what happens next.

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”that there are no guarantees. there are no happy endings. but you show up anyway. you don’t give up. you never give up.”

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Jake Gyllenhaal | Esquire UK, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal | Esquire UK, 2010

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“The good way to tell us apart is that I’m the Adam Scott who doesn’t give a shit about golf.”

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so many of my friends are queer that i genuinely forget that the majority of the population isn’t on a regular basis

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